Wreck and Reef fishing

youAs an avid fisherman you’ll know that there is nothing better than packing up your equipment, planning your expedition and then of course getting to your favourite fishing spots with your friends or family. One of the great things about fishing as a hobby is you can travel to all sorts of places and different types of fishing whether it be fresh water or salt water.

Of course you can always get more adventurous and get involved with wreck and reef fishing. This will open a whole new world of species of salt water fish for you, instead of targeting just one species of fish you get a whole array such as  mutton snapper, yellowtail, grouper, mackerel and other fun fighting, good tasting fish.  Apart from that you get to spend the day out on the open ocean and just relax with friends and family and who knows you may even spot a few dolphins or whales along the way. Good fishing!


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