As an avid fisherman you’ll know how much fun your favourite pastime is. You get to pack your tackle, gather a group of friends and start your journey for the weekend or a few days of pure fishing bliss. You’ll also know that each time you all make a trip out one of more of you has a new piece of equipment which you love to display. Technology has come on in leaps and bounds and the fishing space is no exception to this. Today we;re going to show you an amazing product which is in development phase which we’re confident you and your friends will love. As technology continues to innovate and evolve, you can expect that it can help you out in almost every facet of your life, including your job and your hobbies. If you’re a fan of fishing, there is a new invention that works by using drone technology to help you fish. It’s called the RoboRod!



The RoboRod combines sleek drone technology with a fishing rod to create the smartest fishing rod on the planet. The RoboRod works like any other fishing rod, but it offers the user a lot more control and precision when hitting the waters for some fishing.


RoboRod includes a Spincast reel, LCD color display, joystick control, rechargeable battery, and launching pod. These parts work together to ensure that you never miss a bite. After the launching pod (or drone) is launched, you can control and steer the drone through the water using the joystick control and the LCD color display. This new form of fishing, known as drone fishing, is sure to be a hit among anglers of all skill levels.

The drone includes a beacon alert signal and can illuminate in the dark, making it perfect for early morning or evening fishing. It features a dynamic and adjustable sinker line and a long-range radio signal. The drone is, of course, waterproof, and includes a protective mesh that prevents your fishing line from tangling.



There are a ton of great reasons why you should add this smart fishing rod to your tackle box.


The first reason is that accuracy is guaranteed. You can be sure that your line will make it exactly where you want it to go. With traditional fishing rods, you have to cast your line and hope it lands where you want it to. Getting it to the right location can be difficult for anglers who haven’t reached an expert level yet.


Another reason to purchase a RoboRod is that the drone can create movement patterns that will attract fish to your rod. The patterns are pre-programmed, so you just have to cast and wait for the fish to take the bait!

You can also be sure that you won’t miss an opportunity to catch a fish with real time bite-alerts. If a fish tugs on your RoboRod line, you’ll be sent an alert so you will have time to grab your rod and reel in your catch.


Lastly, you can also deploy your sinker whenever you’re ready. You can drop your sinker to any depth up to 50 feet to catch the perfect fish!


For only $99, you can reserve a RoboRod EXP for yourself today. You will pay the total EXP balance of $299 when the product is delivered to you in the Summer of 2018. The RoboRod Standard is currently discounted to $119 and is scheduled to shop in Spring 2018. For more information, visit the RoboRod information page today.


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