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Loulle Trump

Loulle Trump

Are you a fishing fanatic? Do you dream of the perfect catch, waiting for the next fishing trip and the chance at another trophy? Then chances are that you are as fanatical about your equipment as you are about the sport.

Having the right equipment on hand during critical moments can mean the difference between a landed catch and the one that got away. Your equipment needs to be in top class working condition for you to reap the full advantages while your line is in the water.


The Importance of Pliers

Tying of you line, adding sinkers, lures and even baiting the hook can become an impossible chore without a good set of pliers. The best fishing pliers have so much functionality in everything you do as a fisherman that it’s easy to take them for granted.


The next time you are prepping your gear, take a moment to appreciate how much you need a good pair of pliers and the value they bring to your fishing gear. When you understand their importance, then treat yourself to a new pair of pliers that will help your ‘tackle’ any situation.

Make sure your pliers are made from a corrosion resistant material like aluminum or titanium. They should have a heavy duty feel to them and cut through the toughest braid and line.

After the catch is landed

At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done and you have arrived back at camp or gone home for the evening, there’s still the task of prepping your catch.

The descaling, filleting and packing process can be tiresome and frustrating if you don’t have the best fish fillet knife on hand to complete the final tasks.


You need a razor sharp filleting knife to cut your catch up. Using a blunt knife can end up taking you twice the time and leave you feeling annoyed with the whole experience.

Choose a knife made by real craftsmen and forged with the finest stainless steel. This knife will last you for years to come, just make sure that you keep it sharp!


Trying something different

What’s the wildest sea creature that you have ever eaten? Does the thought of slugging down a slimy eel freak you out? What if we told you that eels are a nutritious, tasty seafood item that is surprisingly expensive when ordered off the menu in a restaurant.

What makes eel so popular among millions of people? How does Eel taste like and why do people love it so much? The eel has been described as a sweet tasting fish that has a firm flesh to it. Great when grilled, or used as a seafood stew, eel is packed with protein and vital omega 3 fatty acids.


The Final Hook

As fishermen, we are captivated and inspired by the oceans, rivers, lakes and dams of the world and the catches that lay in their depths. Make sure that you have the best equipment and don’t be afraid to try something new to enhance your fishing experience.


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