customUNITED STATES – Fishing is a pastime that many people enjoy all around the world. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a study showed in 2011 that 33.1 million Americans used fishing as a hobby. Fishing takes a lot of patience and skill. The fishing rod that a person uses is often very important as well, depending on the type of fishing the person is doing. Rods meant for deep sea fishing must be tougher to be able to handler bigger and meaner fish as well as the unpredictable ocean waves and currents, while rods for freshwater fishing just need to be durable.


With all of the time those 33.1 million Americans spend on the water fishing, their rods become a part of them. Luckily, VJ Custom Rods can help design a beautiful, custom rod for an angler. Any person looking for a rod can customize its action, wrap, grip, guides, length or type. Check out their custom fishing rod builder



A customer can choose from flow to extra fast.



Victor, of VJ Custom Rods, can combine a number of threads to apply a variety of wrap designs to any rod including the 3D star, eagle soaring, pinwheel, spaced star with a flare, simple St. John’s cross, St. John’s cross, 4-point star variation, fish, snowflake, rose, outs and outs, raised tent, boxed cross, mirrors, pointed star, sparkler, black widow, and spider patterns.



A customer can choose from EVA foam or cork grips. A customer can also get a custom print on his or her grip including designs such as arrows, chevron, texalium tubing, lava lamp, diamond, random abstract and stripes.



A customer can choose from a traditional or spiral-wrapped guide. The guides are made out of corrosion-resistant materials.



Custom design a rod that is short, long and everywhere in between.



VJ Custom Rods also offers a variety of types of rods that are best for specific-fish fishing including:


Inshore Rods best for redfish, spotted trout, jack crevalle, sheepshead, flounder and more; Offshore Rods best for grouper, snapper, king fish, dolphin, sailfish, cobia, custom3tuna and more; Surf Rods best for pompano, Spanish mackerel, redfish, snook, blue fish, tarpon and more; and Fly rods, best for salmon, rainbow trout, permit, bass and more.


Customers have given VJ Custom Rods some huge thumbs up.


“A master rod builder known for immaculately-detailed custom handles, wraps, and exquisitely made rods,” says a review from also gave VJ Custom Rods a positive review, calling Victor “the most sought-after fishing rod maker in the industry.”



Since the age of 8, Victor has been surrounded by fish. In 2010, he began building rods. Although he resides in Florida’s Space Coast, he ships his custom rods to clients nationwide. For more information, or to order your custom fishing rod today, visit To speak with Victor, fill out the contact form under the contact tab at the top of the page.

For more information please don’t hesitate to visit you can check out their pricing here or why not get in touch with one of the friendly team today who are always on hand to help.



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