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kossIt doesn’t matter if you are an experienced hunter with many trophies under your belt, or a novice looking to organize for your first hunt, one of the most crucial pieces of equipment to acquire for your upcoming trip, is a good quality hunting jacket.

A hunting, or tactical jacket, is far removed from an ordinary jacket you might wear around town. A good hunting jacket is designed for rugged survival and optimum athletic performance when hunting. Hunting jackets are made with special cuts to allow for movement and flexion when positioning to take a shot, allowing you the freedom you need to comfortably focus and fire on targets that are at ground level and in the air or treeline.


A good tactical jacket has loads of easily accessible pockets on the sleeves, front and rear of the jacket that are deep and wide. These pockets enable you to stash your ammo and important gear like maps with plenty of extra space, GPS, and ammo. It should also be completely waterproof, keeping you dry in the most hostile weather conditions. Fleece lining is a must for colder hunting conditions and will keep your body dry and warm while fighting off the elements. Find out more by visiting Ultimate list of waterproof hiking jackets

For hunting in a warmer climate, look for a hunting jacket that features lighter materials such as mesh and a thinner liner than a winter jacket that allows for better breathability. This will help you keep dry and cool while offering true protection from the elements.


While functionality is key for a good hunting or tactical jacket, a lot is to be said about the design and colors on the outside of the jacket. Traditionally, hunters have favored camouflage patterns and earthy colors for their jackets, this style allows for the hunter to remain undetected and blend into the environment with ease as they wait to set up their shot.

Quiet is key on any hunt, you should read up the reviews on potential jackets that you are considering and pay attention to user reviews that state if the jacket makes a noise when fabrics are rubbed together. There’s nothing worse than a rubbing sound as you are walking along the trail, your trophies will hear you coming and head for cover.

Camouflage is available in a variety of colors and patterns to match various hunting conditions and environments. Choosing your personal preference of color and pattern is a completely individual choice of fashion and style, blended with functionality. If you want some tips on the best camouflage colors and patterns for your next hunting trip, then ask the more experienced hunters what styles and colors they prefer for the region you will be visiting. Take their advice and then model your decision around their answer.

A hunting or tactical jacket is an indispensable piece of equipment that you simply can’t hunt without. Find a reputable hunting supplier that offers quality products at the best prices and decide on the tactical jacket that will keep you dry, clean, safe and undetectable on your next hunt.

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