saltChoosing the right type of reel is always an important step in the hobby of fishing. Before you go out and buy whatever one looks best to you, read up on some of the best fishing rods for baitcasting here first.

To give you a full understanding of baitcasting reels, this post will discuss the difference between saltwater and freshwater fishing; discuss different types of reels, focusing mainly on baitcasting reels and their functions; and learn about some of the best budget baitcasting reels on the market.



Fishing is fishing, according to some people. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, saltwater fishing is a lot different than freshwater fishing. The biggest difference is obviously the bodies of water you will be fishing in. Saltwater fishing happens in oceans, but some swamps, mashes, and estuaries can also contain salt. Freshwater locations include bodies of water like lakes, ponds, rivers. If the water has less than 0.5 parts per thousand of dissolved salts, it is considered freshwater.


The fish you can catch depend on if you are fishing in saltwater or freshwater. Saltwater fish include rays, barracudas, sea bass, sunfish, and more. Freshwater fish include the largemouth bass, catfish, rainbow trout, and walleye among others.


The last big difference is the water roughness. Obviously, lakes and ponds are a lot calmer than oceans and their waves. In order to combat this, saltwater fishing rods are typically made to be stronger. This is also useful because the ocean is also home to bigger fish like sharks that can break a normal fishing rod if they latch on to your fishing hook.



There are three main types of reels.


The first type of reel is the spincast reel. This reel has a closed face so that all the important elements are inside under the nose cone. The fishing line comes out of a hole in the cover. This is by far the easiest reel to use, so it is generally used on beginner and child rods. Although it is easy to use, you will not get the best accuracy or distance.



The next type of fishing reel is the spinning real. This is the most popular reel there is. With an open design, the reel allows for much more line capacity and makes it easy to change out line while on the water. In addition, this real is easier to use than the reel we will focus on, the baitcasting reel, but is more accurate than the spincast reel.


The last reel, and the one you want to learn about, is the baitcasting reel. This reel is the most difficult to master, but is considered the most accurate of the three. The salt3difficulty comes because the spool turns when you cast and must be kept in control so the line doesn’t bunch up. This is a great reel for experience anglers to use for the best, most accurate cast and experience. Below to



Now that you know why the baitcasting reel is the best, consult the saltwater baitcasting reel reviews below to find the best reel for you:


The best baitcasting reel on the market right now is the Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel. This reel, available for between $114 and $200 on Amazon, is available for right- or left-handed orientation. This reel is small and light with an innovative dual-braking multi-setting brake (MSB) system.


“This is the nicest baitcaster I’ve ever owned,” said a verified purchaser on Amazon. “Casting is smooth as silk and the drag is incredibly strong. You owe it to yourself to try a Lew’s.


The new KastKing Assassin Carbon Baitcasting Reel is also a great choice, especially if you are on a tight budget. This reel is around $60 on Amazon and features dual brakes, strong stopping power, and is lightweight.


Amazon purchaser WRM Oz said “I would definitely buy another one. For the money, this is a great reel. I don’t think you can go wrong with it.


The last reel is the Shimano casitas Baitcasting Reel. This is available for between $100 and $150 on Amazon and features brake weights.


“This reel is awesome,” said purchaser Vic. “Such smooth casting and far casting mind you. Of course, after tweaking it and adjusting it to the bait that you are using.”



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