Duck hunting

huntIt doesn’t matter if you are a weekend water fowler, or you consider yourself a professional duck hunter, keeping your skills sharp and your aim honed is an ongoing task. Duck hunting is a sport that has many nuances to it. Here are some top tips from the professionals to help you step your hunting game up this coming duck season. To find out more visit 먹튀

  • Be a naturalist – Take care of the environment, don’t litter and leave only footprints
  • Match your decoy to the breed of duck.
  • Get away from your boat – ducks are not total idiots.
  • Stay concealed.
  • How to call, is not as important as when to call.
  • Hone your craft – Make sure you take time improving your shooting skills.
  • Keep a journal, track and classify your hunts.
  • Do what feels right for you – everyone has their own style and strategy.

Becoming a better hunter is about experience and knowledge, make sure that you keep up your quest for both and happy hunting!


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