Tactical flashlights are flashlights that you can use alongside your firearm so that you can identify a target and accurately aim at it. But, how do you know which tactical flashlight to purchase?


In this article, you will learn about a few details to consider that can help you choose a good tactical flashlight and you will be provided some information about a few of the best tactical flashlights under $20.


First, here are some things to consider about each tactical flashlight that will help you choose the right one:



Having a decent battery life is essential. You need to consider the battery life because you never know how long you will need access to your tactical flashlight, and you don’t want it dying on you when you need it most. Typically, AA and 14500 rechargeable batteries have a longer battery life than AAA or 18650 rechargeable batteries. Most tactical flashlight companies will indicate the flashlight’s battery power.


When you purchase equipment like this, you are counting on it being a reliable resource for you to turn to when you need it. Not only should you steer clear of tactical flashlights that seem to be cheaply made, you should look for a flashlight that will be reliable any time of year in any type of weather situation. Find a waterproof tactical flashlight, and one that is tested to endure drops onto concrete.



Depending on your specific needs, the size and weight of your flashlight can vary. Some prefer a concealable flashlight that is light weight and easy to get to when needed while other prefer a heavier flashlight that can be used to protect themselves from an attacker. Take these into consideration when purchasing a tactical flashlight.


You purchase a flashlight because you need it to help you see in the dark. The output is important. This also depends on if you’re looking for a short- or long-range flashlight. You should check for adjustable focus and high light output before purchasing.



Now that you’ve learned some of the things to look for in a tactical flashlight, you can take the guess work out of choosing one by purchasing one of the following flashlights:



This is heralded as the best tactical flashlight under $20. It covers a high distance of up to 90 yards and is compact so it can be easily stored. The battery life is high and this flashlight can be used and abused without scratching or becoming inoperable.



With a high battery life of nearly 2.5 hours, this flashlight is compact and durable and comes with a lens cap. It gives off a decent amount of light that will help you see up to 70 yards away.


Perfect for self-defense, this flashlight is large and can cover up to 60 square feet of distance. It is reliable and has a battery life of around 1.8 hours.

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