surv1Ever wonder what you would do if you were bitten by a venomous snake in the wilderness? Would you know what to do if you crash landed on a deserted island?

Those situations rarely come into the minds of many, leaving several people completely unprepared for when something happens to them. Survival is an instinct, so we are wired to fight for our lives in any situation, but knowing some of the ways we can help ourselves survive is extremely important.

Survival Profile is an online publication that teaches its readers how to survive different situations and some tips for finding food, water, and shelter when they are paramount in the situation. The site mainly discusses the gadgets that can be used, including water filtration systems; how to acquire food; first aid tips; and wilderness and urban survival.


surv3In the crazy world we live in, something could happen in a moment’s notice that can change the course of your life, or a part of it. Anything can happen. You could be in the middle of the desert in a vehicle and run out of gas, or you could be in the wrong place during a major earthquake or natural disaster. During these times, it would be great to be able to use skills in first aid to solve any major issues.

Being in these types of life-threatening or life-altering situations put the human brain into something called the “fight or flight response.” Sounds like a game, doesn’t it? When you are in a situation you hope to survive, it won’t be. Fight or flight, also called hyperarousal or the acute stress response, is the brain’s response to stressful and life-threatening situations. During this time, someone decides whether or not they will fight to save themselves or just give up.


As your fight or flight response kicks in, you will notice your pupils dilating, your sight sharpens, your impulses quicken, your immune system increases, and your surv2perception of pain diminishes. The body basically uses its hard-wired genetic wisdom to prepare us for the survival situation.


If you want to be prepared just in case you get into situations you hope to survive, you should check out the articles on Survival Profile’s website. In these articles, you will learn valuable information about surviving everything from a snake bite to a dog attack as well as how to survive in extreme weather conditions. You can also learn what foods that are typically found in the wilderness are safe to eat.

The site is arranged by category, making it simple for you to find the article that best suits your interests or your needs.

Survival Profile is an online magazine with general information articles and opinion blogs on survival topics. For more information, visit the magazine online or contact the magazine at email. You can also find Survival Profile on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.



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