All you need to know about where you can canoe.

canoeCanoeing is a great past time enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts across the USA. If you are a recreational canoe athlete or a canoe livery, then you will love the new platform offered by

Who we are

We established the platform with the goal of providing a space for canoe enthusiasts to come together and form a community space that can benefit the sport and help it grow in strength. We see the beauty of the United States and the Canoeing experiences it offers to excited adventurous. It also has many employment opportunities that arise in the sport and we want to further connect the two with the power of modern technology and the internet.

Canoeing no longer needs to be an esoteric sport existing on the fringe of sports society, with we all now have a platform to explore all of the opportunities and experienced offered by the sport, anywhere in the country.


For business owners and livery’s

Do you need to increase your livery’s membership? Perhaps you want to communicate and grow your livery’s influence and reputation, or maybe you just want to let other canoe-heads know where you are and when your next trip is planned. lets you display your listing live online and gives you the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience than you current marketing efforts alone.

The power of the internet and the social benefit that it offers the average Canoe Livery is now available for you to leverage to increase your membership and improve your livery’s communication with the industry. Add you Livery for free, anywhere in the US and contact us for ideas on how we can help your Livery gain the exposure it needs to succeed.


For the Canoe enthusiast

If you are a seasoned canoe veteran, or a newbie looking for a canoe livery to join, browse through our listings to find a local livery that meets your expectations and then get in touch through the platform. You can find out whatever’s going on in your local canoeing news right on, we aim to be the one-stop destination for any canoe information you need on Livery’s and events in the United States!

One platform for everything

With the access and connectivity that we envision providing the canoe communities of the US, we aim to assist the sport in its growth in the years to come by creating an online space that keeps the community involves and interactive through the power of modern technology.

Easy navigation and control with reviews

We wanted to make as user-friendly as possible, to provide an experience that’s simple and interactive, allowing you to be notified and aware of what’s happening in your local canoeing community while empowering you to speak about your experience with Livery’s and their events through our review system. This helps the community find the best deals and trips from the best Livery’s and gives the Livery’s that offer outstanding service and value the opportunity to shine in front of the community.


The final word is the final frontier for the canoe communities all over the USA. A place where everyone can come together to speak about their experiences, plans, and dreams in a friendly, informative online environment.

To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can also learn all about canoe rental here or kayak rental here. OF course if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.


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