All you need to know about Coleman coolers

coolAre you dusting off you Coleman cooler to take to the big game or a barbecue? Don’t you just hate it when you arrive home after a great afternoon and have to scrub down your cooler and take out the trash? Now there’s a solution that makes it simple and easy to do. The allinliner is disposable and has a drain tap that lets you fit it to the existing drain tap in your Coleman cooler Remove it from the container with ease in seconds, and best of all, do it with no scrubbing and no hassle!

Coolers are an absolute necessity to take with you if you want to keep things kept fresh. They are your portable refrigerator on the road that keeps things cool. The allinliner fits snugly to the interior of all Coleman coolers with a unique sticky liner that adheres to the rim of the cooler, keeping it secure and in place. It’s easy to remove as well, simply pull it out, drain it and throw away the trash.


There’s nothing worse than getting home and forgetting to clean your cooler. When you wake up in the morning and open the cooler, a wonderful waft of multiplying bacteria from the trash and liquid rushing into your nose may be enough to make you gag. Allinliners are fragranced, keeping those smells out of your cooler and keeping it in tip-top condition, you don’t even need to wait till you get home to empty your cooler, simply pull out the liner, drain it and throw it away, then take your nice, clean cooler home with you.


The idea for the allinliner came from the need to take a cooler on a fishing trip. Allinliner founder, Gordy, had just purchased a brand-new cooler. The thought of storing his catch in the cooler and the fishy smell seeping into the cooler, ruining it, led him to design a pragmatic and practical solution to keep his cooler as clean and fresh as the day he bought it. Do the same for your cooler and keep it in tip-top shape with the allinliner.



Designed and made in the USA, the allinliner is manufactured from tough, durable plastics that will never let you down by tearing or leaking, the drain tap is leak-proof, cool4secure and makes draining the bag a breeze. The allinliner has been put to the most stringent tests to ensure that you are receiving a quality product that does the job properly.




We realize that your cooler is an important part of your outdoor gear, it’s the lifeline to a cold drink on a sunny day in the wilderness and a must have to keep any perishables fresh. With the allinliner for Coleman coolers the advantages are endless, never worry about foul odors, scrubbing or cleaning ever again, just line it, fill it and then throw it away when it suits you. Take the hassle out of cleaning your Coleman cooler with the allinliner and never scrub it down again!



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