Monthly archives: December, 2013


Make sure your boat is insured

A boat is expensive to own and if you own a boat then you may need to protect it from damages arising out of sailing. Boat insurance in Spain has several insurance schemes for insuring your boat against accidents and you can insure up to an amount as much as € 50.000.000. You also have…


Compound Bow Hunting

Hunting is a controversial sport enjoyed by many across the world, it encompasses many forms and allows people to travel to various parts of the world and experience different cultures at the same time as taking part in a hobby that they enjoy. The are many forms of hunting and it really boils down to…


How to select an outdoor knife that is suited to you

If you’re a keen outdoorsman, hunter or adventurer it’s always good to carry a knife with you as they are multi use tools that can save you in many situations. There are various options available when choosing knives, the ones you choose will depends on the type of activity it’s being used for, in fact…